Pop-up bike mechanics to assist Government voucher scheme with cycle ‘triage’

Cycling UK has said it’s on ‘stand-by’ to assist in fixing England’s bikes, following the Prime Minister’s announcement to ‘overhaul’ cycling and walking.

The charity estimates there are 16.5 million bikes sitting in the hallways and sheds of England, unused and neglected.

James Scott, Cycling UK’s director of behaviour change said: “While shops reporting a shortage of bikes for sale, Cycling UK estimates there are just over 16.5 million unused bikes in England – ‘shed’ bikes so to speak. Most of their ailments, like loose brakes, skipping gears or incorrect saddle height, are all things which Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival can fix for free right there on the spot.

“From 15th August, across the country, our Dr Bikes will be carrying out a bike ‘triage’ service – fixing minor repairs and checking to make bikes safe and roadworthy. That will take the brunt off retailers enrolled in the voucher scheme, leaving them to repair the bikes which need a bit more TLC than an on the spot repair can provide.”

These trained mechanics will be at pop-up events around the country, looking to fix bikes as they come through the door for free, aiming to help 100,000 over the three months it runs. For bikes needing more further assistance, owners will be referred to retailers using the Government’s £50 bike repair voucher scheme.

The Government’s £50 voucher comes as part of a wider package of measures to make cycling and walking safer for everyone. “The Government has laid out a truly comprehensive and far-reaching set of measures to improve cycling and walking in England, that will help would-be cyclists on their journey as well as the regular riders,” Scott said.

“However, to shift gears and boost active travel as the Prime Minister has announced so everyone can feel the transformative benefits of cycling, the £2 billion of funding already announced will not be enough. However, with a forthcoming spending review, now’s the time for the Chancellor to invest in the future and make the Prime Minister’s vision of a golden age of cycling come true.”

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