The PGGB series of columns has been appearing on for a number of years. Think 'Allo 'Allo crossed with Bridget Jones' Diary. Now, Sammarye Lewis, the author, has published a compilation of the best bits. Perhaps even all of the bits. And there's a thong, too.

Podium Girl Gone Bad now available in book form

Lewis of San Jose, California, is the creator of a Lance Armstrong webzine – she supposedly has ‘Go Lance’ tattooed on the side of her left shin although it must be remembered that Photoshop is a wonderful tool – and has written for, The Daily, Cycle California Magazine and

But it’s her twisted, cigarette-smoking, booze-toting anti-hero, written to have a fractured French accent, that usually steals the show.

The Podium Girl Gone Bad – Behind the Podium, Tales from the Tour de France is "a unique and wickedly sly little book," said Lewis.

Accompanying the book is a line of merchandise with a Podium Girl Gone Bad logo, featuring ‘Zee Naughty PGGB Thong’. is the site which prints online artwork on to a stock item chosen by the purchaser rather than the artwork owner having to print up a batch of merchandise.

"The Thong has become The Hot, Must-Have Item for cycling fans this year," said a press release from Lewis.

"Podium Girl Gone Bad is the buzz in the cycling community and is expected to be the top choice as the unique gift for the cyclist who has everything this Christmas."

Bicycling Magazine, in the August 2004 issue, wrote: "With apologies to Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen and Bob Roll, the most original sound in the bike-race commentary is the written voice of Podium Girl Gone Bad… Podium Girl is funny, irreverent, smart, sometimes stupid and always outrageous…"

OLN TdF anchor Bob Roll read the book at Le Tour and loved it.

"This book is a fantastic read. Get out your credit card real quick," saidBobki.

Paul Sherwen requested an autographed copy for his library in South Africa.

Here’s some typical proze: "Last week, dearies, I saw a bright red, skin-tight little strappy thing on a Podium Girl. Zee hemline was so short that men in zee front row were leaning forward, as though in prayer. Their eyes rolled upwards, but I think not to zee Heavens. Extra high-heel strappy black sandals and long blonde hair were merely icing on zee cake, so to speak."

The Podium Girl Gone Bad book is available on and Barnesand…/pggb025

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