The Californian light maker forbids its dealers or international distributors from selling NiteRider products on eBay "or through any other unauthorised channel."

NiteRider takes dim view of IBDs selling its products on eBay

"When NiteRider investigators find out who is behind the anonymous sellers, they are quick and decisive with termination of the offending dealer or international distributor," said Kevin Lunau, president of NiteRider.

“In this latest investigation, we caught four more illegal dealers. Over the last year, we have developed several different techniques for positively identifying these people that are breaching our Advertising Agreements.”

Seven different dealers were found to be selling NiteRider product at deep discounts, violating NiteRider’s Advertising (dealer) Agreements. These “dealers” provided no physical storefront, catalog or mainstream promotions to support and service customers. The lights were only being sold on eBay using "predatory pricing", said Luna.

This was "highly punitive to legitimate dealers that offer showrooms and trained staff to help cyclists choose the product best for them. It is very important to us that legitimate NiteRider dealers are protected against grey market sales

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