Perseverance Mills, the Lancashire manufacturer of lightweight performance fabrics, was wound down in June but was visited by a delegation from a Japanese company. This company came through for Pertex. As a brand, that is. The world-famous fabrics will now be produced in Japan. Some textile equipment will be shipped East but brand manager Steve Laycock stays in the UK and becomes marketing manager and will also be in charge of "new product direction."

Pertex goes East

Mitsui & Co., Ltd (Mitsui) have acquired the Pertex brand and some key machinery formerly owned by Perseverance Mills Ltd.

Tetsuo Nonomura, director and general manager of Mitsui’s textile division said:

"Mitsui is committed to the research and development of innovative textile technology for which Pertex has gained a worldwide reputation with products such as Pertex Quantum, and Pertex Equilibrium.

"The transfer of Pertex technology to our factories in Japan is well advanced and the manufacturing equipment will be sited in lines dedicated to the production of Pertex products."

Mitsui have retained the services of Pertex brand manager, Steve Laycock, with Perseverance Mills man and boy.

Laycock, a true blue MTBer and commuting cyclist, said:

"I am really pleased that Mitsui have the vision to take on the Pertex brand and I’m excited by the prospect of working with Mitsui to develop new Pertex technologies and to strengthen the brand at retail and consumer levels. Pertex will continue to work with end-user groups to develop solution oriented textile technologies."

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