The Marks & Spencers website is currently offering a mountain bike in its 'activity toys' section. Luckily, M&S is famous for its returns policy. Something doesn't fit? Take it back. The Land Rover MTB on offer in the kids' section comes in one size only: 19-inch frame. Know any six foot kiddies?

Marks & Sparks offers MTB for oversize children

British bike shops are used to bikes sold in Asda, Tescos and other supermarkets but Marks & Spencer’s? That’s a departure.

However, bike shops are tickled by the fact M&S doesn’t seem to know its onions when it comes to bikes. Displaying a 19-inch MTB as a child’s bike is a big boob from a retailer that should stick to selling bras, said one bemused trade commentator.

Land Rover bicycles are produced under license by Ultimate Products Ltd of Oldham, a supplier of homeware, cookware, furniture, floor coverings and outdoor leisure items.

In May 2004, Scott Hillyard, sales director at Ultimate Cycles, a division of Ultimate Products, said Land Rover bikes would be sold via independent bicycle dealers only.

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