EnerPlex Solar provides portable power via lightweight, shockproof solar panels

Peak Development to bring solar backpacks to the cycle trade

Distributor Peak Development has signed an exclusive deal with EnerPlex to bring its solar charging portable power products to the UK.

Don’t fancy lugging glass solar panels around? Fear not – EnerPlex’s solar panels are based on a shock-resistant and lightweight plastic allowing them to be safely integrated into backpacks, paniers and phone cases. They are reportedly pretty rugged too – one American reviewer shot a Kickr IV solar panel twice with a handgun and then drove over it in his Jeep. It still worked (the solar panel).

One key product from the range is the aforementioned backpack with integrated solar panel – the EnerPlex Packr. In good sunlight its 3 watt solar panel can power up most smartphones in less than five hours, we’re told. The EnerPlex Packr Mountaineer 56 was selected as a finalist for an Outdoor Trade Show Novel Award in the Travel Luggage category, and the show saw the product get much attention, we hear.

Range details:

  • Kickr IV is a foldable, 6 watt solar charger using EnerPlex’s solar on plastic technology which can be attached to anything from a backpack to a tent. In good sunlight the Kickr IV can reportedly charge a USB device at the same rate as a standard wall charger.
  • The Packr backpack (for details see above).
  • The Surfr iPhone 5 Case is 89 grams and 16mm thick, featuring a 2000 mAh battery pack that more than doubles the life of an iPhone 5.
  • The Red Dot design award-winning EnerPlex Jumpr Slate products are sleek high capacity power banks that can be charged from the mains before a trip or from an EnerPlex Solar charger.
  • Jumpr Slate 5K is a sleek 5,100 mAh portable power bank coming with a micro USB cable stowed in the side.
  • Jumpr Slate 10k has 10,000 mAh portable power bank that will charge smartphones, GPS units, tablets and e-readers. The dual 2.4 amp outlets mean you can charge two devices, even tablets, at the same time. 


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