Pashley reveals prototype Multi-trike with ‘drive-by-wire’ system

Pashley has revealed a glimpse of the future with its prototype, chainless drive Multi-trike.

Launched at Cenex-LCV today, Wednesday, September 6, the Multi-trike is targeted at the consumer market and designed to safely and efficiently carry light goods, shopping and young children.

Designed and manufactured by Pashley, one of Britain’s longest established bicycle maker, it is a multi-use trike with a low carbon footprint.

Unlike conventional electrically assisted tricycles, which have a chain drive coupled with a hub or mid-drive motor, the Multi-trike employs a generator at the pedal crank which activates battery driven motors on each of its rear wheels.

It is a “drive-by-wire” system which does away with much of the complexities seen in conventional systems.

Sit on the saddle and start pedalling and the eDriveIN system takes the load and assists on the journey, providing up to 70Nm of torque to each of the rear wheels.

The Multi-trike “rides like a bicycle but with the stability of a tricycle”, benefitting from the same patented tilting mechanism which Pashley has pioneered on its e-cargo product, ALECS.

A simple design means that the rear cargo box can be mounted lower than on a conventional tricycle, thereby keeping the centre of gravity of the load that is carried as low as possible for increased stability.

The innovation continues with a unique, multi-purpose cargo box, which Pashley has developed for the Multi-trike and is also exhibited today for the first time. The ‘Multi-Pod’ has a 240-litre capacity – equivalent to that of a supermarket trolley – with a lockable lid.

It incorporates a built-in headrest and fold-down seat for carrying one or two children as well as the shopping.

Various other designs of rear boxes can be fitted, as well as a flat-bed/pick-up configuration.

Adrian Williams, Pashley’s managing director, said: “The Multi-trike shows yet again that Pashley is a forward-thinking innovator and manufacturer in this rapidly developing world of micro-mobility.

“The Multi-trike will add to our extensive sales offering of practical and purposeful light-transport products designed for both business and consumer markets, all designed and hand-built at our factory in Stratford-upon-Avon.”

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The Multi-trike is being exhibited on the Niche Vehicle Network (NVN) stand at Cenex-LCV, as NVN helped fund the “Proof of Concept” development.

It is expected to enter production in the first half of 2024 with retail prices expected to be in the region of £6,500.


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