Apidura launches Expedition Waist Belt

Apidura has launched the Expedition Waist Belt, a minimal and lightweight belt that adds one litre of on-body storage.

It is a common place to see overstuffed pockets of jerseys and cargo bibs as riders attempt to eke out every bit of storage they can, particularly when in a race scenario or venturing into remote terrain, away from readily available re-supply.

Whilst these storage solutions are commonly expected, they are not without drawbacks, with overladen pockets giving the potential for rub and irritation or damage to garments.

The increasing trend for loose fitting clothing options has also meant that the traditional jersey pocket is a less common sight, particularly for off-road riders.

Additionally, there is an increasing segment of long-distance tourers who have moved away from a chamois-based system all-together, meaning the storage afforded by cargo bibs is not an option.

With the Expedition Waist Belt, Apidura set out to address some of the issues that riders have experienced when trying to maximise their use of jersey and bib pockets, whilst also allowing all riders to increase their on-body carry capacity without compromising their layering system.

Ross Pugh, senior product designer at Apidura, said: “As riders continue to move away from classic cycling attire towards looser fitting clothing and increasingly popular solutions like cargo bibs, the once essential jersey pocket is becoming a less common sight.

“With these changes comes the opportunity to overcome the limitations of existing options whilst considering how on-body storage can evolve in-line with changing clothing tastes. Our new Expedition Waist Belt offers 1L of on-body storage, regardless of clothing preferences, without comprising a rider’s layering system.

“The consideration of on-bike fit and ergonomics result in a piece which can carry load more effectively and with increased stability whilst maintaining all-day comfort.”

The Apidura Expedition Waist Belt is available in two sizes – S/M (75-95cm) and L/XL (90-105cm) – at an RRP of £38 and is available to order on apidura.com

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