Cardo Systems launched by the distributor in the UK.

Paligap to bring bluetooth cycling system to UK bike dealers

Cardo Systems, an established player in the global market for wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmets, is now working with Paligap.

Paligap will be bringing Cardo’s BK-1 line of cycling communication products to UK cycle dealers.

Cardo introduced what it says is the world’s first Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets in 2004. From that point onwards, Cardo has gone on to develop innovative, feature-rich products like the scala rider line of headsets, now available in over 65 countries – quoted as the world’s best-selling Bluetooth system for the motorcycle industry.

The brand has now launched the BK-1 Duo, described as the world’s first Bluetooth Cycling Communication and Entertainment system. The Cardo BK-1 offers simultaneous conversations via intercom between up to three cyclists, mobile phone connectivity, in-the-ear instructions from GPS devices and MP3 stereo music streaming from compatible devices.

Dealers will be able to see the BK-1 Duo product line at January’s Core Bike Show.

Stock is already with Paligap. More details on the Paligap website; Or alternatively speak with Paligap’s account management team on 01454 313116.

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