Michael Oxer of Bicycling Industries Australia Ltd, the Oz equivalent of the BA, has been intrigued by the recent BicycleBusiness coverage of the levy and PR topics. He mailed us a package of Cycling Promotion Fund leaflets. Is the Australian cycle industry way ahead of the pack?

Oz cyclists are world-beaters, what about the Oz bike promo fund?

Heads were knocked together four years ago and the Cycling Promotion Fund was created. There’s no levy on bikes, instead full members pay a quarter of one percent of their annual turnover. Supporters pay AU$500 a year.

Full members include the Oz arms of Giant and Shimano. A few IBDs are full members too, although most opt for the cheaper ‘supporters’ package.

For what the Australian industry gets out of the Cycling Promotion Fund have a poke around http://www.cyclingpromotion.com

New for 2002 is the Bicycling Achievement Awards. These "recognise the invaluable contribution made by individuals and organisations around Australia towards promoting cycling and working to enhance conditions for bicycle riders."

As well as awards for cycle advocates and Sustrans/CTC/NorthWestCyclingProject type organisations, there’s the Bicycle Industry Award for Advocacy: "This award seeks to recognise the special achievement by a bicycle industry business in making an active contribution towards bicycle advocacy to improve conditions for bicycle riders."

There’s also a PR-savvy award for a cycle-friendly politician.

In the UK, it’s unlikely a bicycle promotion membership scheme would work. However, a resurrected levy is firmly back on the agenda. And part of the cash raised will go to promoting cycling.

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