Owner of two Specialized Concept Stores acquires a third – the one in Brum

Certini Bicycle Co. has taken over ownership of Specialized Concept Store Birmingham, based out of Fort Dunlop. 

Ananquest, the previous owner, entered a creditors voluntary liquidation on 5th January.

Certini Bicycle Co. already owns the Specialized Concept Stores in Plymouth and Bristol, 

Company director Rob Carron said: “We’re incredibly excited to be expanding our partnership with Specialized even further." His co-director Tony Dare added that “in partnership with the brand we’re investing in the store through remerchandising, marketing and improving the rider retail experience. We want to elevate the store to new levels through excellence in service, and a comprehensive representation of products and range.” 

Specialized UK MD Simon Homer said: “We’re delighted to have Rob and Tony take on ownership of the Birmingham Concept Store. They know our brand inside and out, and provide a fantastic experience to their customers and our riders.”

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