Over 25,000 riders in the UK and Ireland take part in Cycle to Work Day

Over 25,000 riders in the UK and Ireland completed over 433,000 miles in the sixth annual Cycle to Work Day on 15th August.

Over 21,000 tweets featured #CycletoWorkDay, landing the number one trending position in the UK and the number three position worldwide, and news of the day reached an estimated audience of over 67.9 million people worldwide, an increase of 49 per cent from 2017.

Neil McGuigan, channel manager at Cyclescheme, said: “At Cyclescheme, we’re passionate about getting people active on the way to work. That’s why we created Cycle to Work Day.

“In partnership with key cycle brands, we show how accessible and affordable cycle commuting is.

“We often look to our Dutch friends as the best-in-class example of everyday cyclists, but events like Cycle to Work Day demonstrate that the UK and Ireland are catching up.

“Our sixth annual event saw thousands of workers ditching their cars and getting in the saddle instead, many for the first time.

“If there was ever a doubt surrounding the value of everyday cycling to the UK population, I suggest searching #CycletoWorkDay on Twitter.”

Founded by Cyclescheme, the event encourages people to experience an active commute and the associated health and wellbeing benefits.

Since 2013, the campaign has engaged thousands of working adults with more than 2.5 million miles ridden, the equivalent of completing 964 Tour de France races on the 2018 route.

Cyclescheme partnered with two leading UK bike brands this year, Cannondale and Specialized, on a special nine-week deal.

Any Cyclescheme consumer that got a Cannondale or Specialized bike priced £500 or more between the 28th June-31st August 2018 was eligible to claim a free £30 reward to be spent with the retailer that the bike was obtained from.

This offer allowed Cyclescheme to engage with over 800 bike stores, driving footfall and sales.

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