Outdoor Provisions releases all natural energy nut butters

Outdoor Provisions has released its all natural energy nut butters.

Nut butter is a blend of tree nuts with all natural ingredients added for flavour. The result is a sachet of smooth ‘butter’, “nutrient-dense, easy to digest and with loads of different applications”, said the brand.

“Where our bars are a balanced release of energy, these are a slow-release affair, making them ideal for longer, lower intensity efforts,” said a statement. “Packed into highly portable, 100% compostable sachets, by us – literally, we bought our own machine to do it because no one else would/could.”

Outdoor Provisions also had to develop a unique sachet packaging solution – the ‘biggest challenge’ for the brand during development, it said.

“The wrapper is the same as the one we use for our bars (cellulose and a tiny layer of aluminium) with an added compostable plastic sealing layer,” said the website. “This particular ‘plastic’ behaves like regular organic waste and is certified-free from microplastic pollutants. It’s developed with a focus on end of life return to organic matter and the ability to compost both at home and industrially. Stick it in your compost heap, food waste or garden waste bin.”

For more information, samples or wholesale, call 07834152302 or email christian@outdoorprovisions.co.uk.

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