Caravan Collective bringing sweatshop-free t-shirts and apparel to these shores

Organic t-shirts launching into UK bike trade

Cycling culture lifestyle brand Caravan Collective is laying the groundwork for distribution in the UK.

Founded in 2010, Caravan Collective’s range is currently made up of t-shirts for men and women (and a baby grow) but there are more lines in the works, including a hoodie for the UK market. 

The organic and ethical philosophy behind Caravan Collective is key for the brand. In the wider world of clothing, it’s a timely issue.

Caravan Collective’s Yossi Levin told BikeBiz: "We wanted to create using organic fabric for two reasons; we live in a place surrounded by beautiful nature, we live our lives outdoors and respect for our surroundings is a basic guiding philosophy for us, always has been.

"The second reason has to do with choices, it was easy for us to make a conscious choice to produce organically and while it requires more effort to source material it allows us to pass on to other people the simple choice and benefit of organics. Really, making a choice to do better by the planet is pretty simple and should be a no-brainer."

Caravan Collective has been retailing direct to customer so far, but is planning for a more concrete presence in the UK. "We recently opened up to do distributor and shop work. We’re doing our due diligence and will have a presence in the UK in the coming months – we’ll be visiting London in the coming weeks to chat with some local cycling friends and look forward to getting to know the UK market more and are very much excited to be doing more work in the UK."

CC has already had good feedback from the UK, Levin told BikeBiz, which he puts down to "the designs and fit of our gear". He’s full of praise for the scene too. "We love the amazing richness of cycling culture coming out of urban centers in the UK and the massive tradition of competitive cycling, we look forward to incorporating some of this into our designs. In fact we’re in the middle of intensive work on a cycling hoodie with the UK in mind!"

Other than that, Levin is tight-lipped on the new collection, which is almost ready to go: "I won’t give away the surprise but we’ve been hard at work making them and they’re stunning – at least we think so!"

You can find out more about the brand via it’s Vimeo channel.

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