Kickstarter funded project out of the starting blocks and gets slot on last night's Gadget Show

Loopwheels go into production

The Loopwheels project, funded by Kickstarter, is now in production, with tooling having landed with the inventors of the wheel concept last week.

Working closely with Nottinghamshire bow-makers KG Archery, who make the all-important springs for the Loopwheels, the firm has appointed a production manager to oversee the creation of the first batch of ‘suspension wheels’.

It is now expected that the firm’s Kickstarter backers, including those who committed to Loopwheel-equipped Dahon Mu folding bikes, will receive their product from the end of August.

The Gadget Show last night carried a slot on the ‘re-invented wheel’, with host Jason Bradbury said to be purchasing a set of wheels for himself. The episode is found here.

A new website and online store, to be found at is to go live during August.

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