Orbea launches new Kemen and Kemen SUV e-bikes

Orbea has launched the new Kemen and Kemen SUV, two e-bike models “to escape from everyday life”.

Orbea designed both the Kemen and Kemen SUV around the Shimano EP8 motor, with 85Nm of torque. Unlike other e-bike models like Rise or Urrun, the brand has equipped Kemen with the standard software.

Orbea’s engineering team has combined this motor with the 540 Wh battery released in its Rise. The battery’s interior is comprised of 21-700 cells that optimise energy density. Its integration in the frame also reduces the weight of the set and improves frame stiffness.

The results in “unbeatable efficiency”, said Orbea, achieving high autonomy ranges of up to five hours of pedalling. Additionally, Kemen and Kemen SUV come with the option of mounting a 252 Wh Range Extender.

To charge both batteries, the internal battery or the Range Extender, it is only necessary to use Orbea’s smart charger. This charger extends the life of the battery up to 30% by adapting the charge to 2 or 4 amps based on different factors such as temperature, the state of the cells or the number of charge cycles consumed.

Both Kemen and Kemen SUV have two frame versions, Top Bar and Mid Bar. The Top Bar version offers maximum frame stiffness, ideal for the roughest trails and heaviest loads, said Orbea. The Mid Bar frame makes life much easier when the bike is fully loaded. The Top Bar version is available in sizes S, M, L and XL, while the Mid Bar version is available in sizes S, M and L.

The premium aluminum frame is manufactured through Orbea’s hydroforming process and uses triple butted tubing. The wall thickness is perfected at specific points of the frame to reduce weight and reinforce any areas subject to greater tension. Orbea has also applied polished welding technology.

“Kemen brings with it several cutting-edge technologies aimed at simplifying design and removing unnecessary weight from the entire bike. The integrated battery eliminates weight and allows for a slimmer, better-looking design,” said Orbea. “One of the most striking features of the new Kemen is the cable integration in the handlebar area. The display and control cable are routed inside the handlebar, while the brake wiring is routed through a cover on the stem.

“To move safely through the streets, both versions include lights at both the front and rear. Additionally, the rear light emits more lumens when braking to warn drivers of your actions. To complement these lights, an additional spotlight is included and is controlled from the handlebars.

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“Kemen also comes standard with a kickstand strong enough to support the bike even when loaded. All Kemen models feature Shimano Linkglide drivetrains — use-specific drivetrains for this style of bike, where smooth shifting and durable components are prioritised over other factors like the weight or shifting speed of the gears.”

A Kemen can be reserved through Orbea’s Rider Connect programme. Reserving a Kemen through Rider Connect will directly enter visitors into a giveaway for a cycling trip to Italy for two people to discover the Italian countryside on their new bike without limits.

Those who purchase a Kemen will also receive a 10% discount on the 252 Wh Range Extender, and the first 100 people to register their bike on the Orbea website will receive free saddlebags.

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