The twenty bikes will be used to promote cycling as a healthy and relaxed way of getting around London as part of the 'Good going' campaign. Does Steve Peat know?

Orange bikes donated to London green campaign

As you can see, it’s not those sort of Orange bikes.

In fact, the bikes were donated by the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, launching its city break campaign ‘Holland stays with you long after you’ve left’.

So the bikes are Dutch, then?

Hmm, no. Swedish. Kronan’s, to be exact. Don’t ask.

The handover took place at the ‘Bikes 4 Londoners – Good going road show’ held on Trafalgar Square.

The Good going campaign will enable Transport for London, the 32 London Boroughs and a range of cross sector partners to come together in promoting sustainable transport and travel in London, thereby reducing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.

The campaign invites residents and visitors to make their ‘good going pledge’ by promising to cycle, walk, and use public transport, when possible, and car sharing or using low emission vehicles when this is an option.

Everyone making the good going pledge will receive ‘go to Holland’ information and a loyalty card giving them the chance to win one of the ‘Dutch’ bikes.

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