In a move described by the company as "unprecendented", Kryptonite is aiming to quickly placate those consumers and bike shops turned from Kryptonite products because of the Bic-scare. No other manufacturer of tubular cylinder locks - of which there are many - has made a similar move, preferring instead to let the Ingersoll Rand owned company take the hits.

Kryptonite offers free lock upgrades worldwide

Kryptonite has announced it will provide free product upgrades for certain locks purchased since September 2002, in

response to "consumer concerns" about tubular cylinder lock technology.

Consumers can visit the company’s website next Wednesday afternoon, September 22, to learn full details of the Kryptonite rescue package.

Consumers who have purchased an Evolution lock, KryptoLok lock, New York Chain, New York Noose, Evolution Disc Lock, KryptoDisco or DFS Disc Lock in the last two years are eligible for a product upgrade free of charge from


Customers will need to have either registered their key number, registered for the Kryptonite anti-theft protection offer or have proof of purchase to qualify.

Kryptonite will provide for free cross bars featuring the company’s new disc-style cylinder lock technology to consumers who have purchased Evolution and KryptoLok series products. In addition the company will replace for free recently purchased Evolution Disc Locks on New York Chain and New York Noose with its "Molly Lock", a heavy duty solid steel padlock. Kryptonite also will upgrade recently purchased disc locks.

Consumers who have had one of the Kryptonite locks mentioned with a tubular cylinder for longer than two years will be eligible for a rebate, administered through bike shops.

Next problem. How about all those cyclists who claim their locks were compromised in mysterious circumstances, with their expensive bikes stolen? Will the big bucks insurance policy now pay up? If yes, get it in writing. Ask the underwriters to use a fountain pen…

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