Gerard Vroomen and Andy Kessler mtb label reveal 7.3kg hardtail

Open announces second bike, the AXX1

Open, the off road joint venture launched by Andy Kessler and Gerard Vroomen in April last year, has revealed its second bike – a hardtail, dubbed the AXX1.

As you’d expect, it’s another no holds barred design, combining the best from German light weight experts AX Lightness and the new SRAM XX1, combined with a special THM BBright crankset and a Cannondale Lefty fork.

Thanks to these parts and the claim to have created the world’s lightest production frame (the OPEN 0-1.0) the AXX1 tips the scale at an incredible 7.3kg.

"Doing special builds is something we love doing," explains OPEN co-founder Andy Kessler. "And when we showed the AXX1 at Eurobike, people loved it. So we have decided to make a few more for our customers."

"Off course the ride of the new spec is the most important," adds co-founder Gerard Vroomen. "But we’re also happy that our four partners were willing to make custom graphics for us so that the bike looks stunning too."

The AXX1 will be available alongside the Acros Limited Edition and the SRAM XO/3T Unlimited Edition.

For precise specs and prices, see here.

Enquiries about stock can be directed to, though BikeBiz understands retail partner opportunities will be limited.

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