Olympia launches PowerNine 900Wh

Olympia has launched the PowerNine 900Wh battery, marking a “turning point” in pedal assistance design.

“The evolution of e-bike technology, fuelled by an increasingly demanding market, requires a change of perspective: no more ‘fitted’ batteries,” said a statement, “with PowerNine 900Wh, the powering section is designed simultaneously with the e-bike and becomes its core – perfectly tailored to the model specifications and the cycling style required by each customer.”

The Olympia super-battery is suitable for several models across the 2020 range.

More capacity, same footprint – “To achieve the outstanding capacity of 900Wh, thanks to which this product ranks far above the average, 50 automotive-derived cells were used; despite these enhanced specifications, the battery occupies virtually the same space as any integrated battery.”

Record lightness – “PowerNine 900Wh does not affect the overall weight of the bicycle: its weight is the same as that of a 630Wh battery produced according to earlier technology.”

Slim and balanced – “The design customised by Olympia for its own e-bikes allows PowerNine 900Wh to fit perfectly into the outline of the frame. The advantage is not only aesthetic: the battery positioning has been designed to obtain the best balance for the vehicle, without producing any handling imbalance.”

Specially designed electronics – “PowerNine 900Wh could not express its full potential without electronics designed to specifically enhance its characteristics. The electric motor manufacturers Oli have worked out a specific level of assistance for Olympia e-bikes equipped with PowerNine 900Wh. The outstanding capacity of this battery has allowed Oli to expand the potential of the Olympia customized motor with the R level: more torque, more power and reactivity, with shorter response times. The remarkable performance of the drive unit goes hand in hand with a smoother riding feeling. At both slower and faster pace, pedal assistance will be perfectly adjusted to the intensity of leg power.”

Longer usage time – “According to the tests carried out, PowerNine900Wh’s life ranks clearly above the average compared to earlier-generation batteries. Considering a cyclist who weighs 70 kilograms, with a single charge cycle you can achieve a range of about 290 kilometres on flat ground, in standard atmospheric and product keeping conditions. On hilly routes, one full charge allows approximately 120 kilometres to be covered with altitude gradients as steep as 2400 metres. When cycling in the mountains, you can overcome altitude gradients of 4000 metres, using the medium-low assistance levels 1-2-3, and covering in total about 85 kilometres.”

Fast charging – “The charging time of PowerNine 900Wh is only six hours, very little if you consider the power and range that this battery is capable of delivering; this is achieved thanks to the special 4 Ah charger supplied as standard.”

Currently, the Cicli Olympia models powered by PowerNine 900Wh batteries are EX 900, EX 900 Sport, Performer and Mistral.

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