Olympia unveils EX 900 Sport e-MTB

Olympia has launched the EX 900 Sport, a long-range e-MTB.

“For the designers of the Padua-based manufacturers, the main priorities were comfort and rideability,” said a statement. “The 76-degree seat tube angle and the head tube angle were calculated to ensure a comfortable and steady sitting position: a “soft” geometry cleverly integrated into the enduro-inspired design.”

The e-MTB can accommodate multiple wheel sizes (29in at the front, 27.5in or 29in at the rear) and the eccentric flip chip allows the bike geometry to be adjusted to the user’s requirements.

The EX 900 Sport is fitted with a 160 front suspension. The 150 Trunnion suspension, sensitive in the initial part of the travel, progressively increases the compression strength. According to Olympia, the positioning of the fulcrum points minimises swaying and preserves the performance of the rear suspension in absorbing the bumps in the ground when braking.

The Italian-made 85 Nm OLI Sport motor has been specially configured to Olympia specifications. The PowerNine 900 battery reaches the capacity of 900 Wh, obtained by compressing 50 automotive-derived cells into the space occupied by any built-in battery. A full charge is achieved in six hours.

The EX 900 Sport is available in sizes S, M and L and the list price is €4,360.

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