, the broadband TV station, starts its new 2005 schedule with 52 minutes of highlights of the the Jacobs Creek Tour Down Under and ten minute daily highlights packages from the Tour of Qatar.

Oggle the pro peleton and new equipment at season openers

Simon Brydon, MD of, said:

"Qatar has a terrific line up this year. Every team racing is a Pro Tour team so for most of our viewers in over 90 countries it will be a first chance to see the 2005 peloton in action.

"We’ll have ten minutes of highlights each evening GMT over the five days. It will give us all a chance to see the latest equipment for 2005 and acclimatise to the new team names." will also have highlights from the Jacobs Creek Tour Down Under in South Australia.

"JCTDU always produce a great highlights package and with McEwan and O’Grady after this title I think it will be a

very exciting race," said Brydon.

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