The Fisher House Show starts Friday. As well as Rock Shox tech seminars and a bunch of product unveilings, the show will be the first chance for dealers to see the Trelock key cutting machine that will soon be installed at the Fisher HQ. IBDs will be able to charge customers for key replacements, shipped quickly from St Albans.

Fisher to demo Trelock key cutter at Brum show

With the key cutting machine, IBDs "won’t have to give away spare keys at point of purchase or have to send

serial numbers away and wait for new keys," said Alan Gunner, Fisher’s marketing manager.

"We plan to offer ‘Spare Key Vouchers’ at a trade price to dealers, they can then sell these o nto Trelock lock buying customers at a SRP. This can be done as an add-on sale with the lock or later down the line should a key get


"The dealer makes money on the key replacement and is able to keep their customer happy who, in turn is able to continue using their lock thanks to a speedy, convenient, cost effective solution."

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