Ofo awarded accreditation by Bikeplus

Ofo has now claimed to be the first live station-free operator to be awarded accreditation by Bikeplus, the UK representative body for bike sharing.

The company launched in the UK in April, with the initial rollout taking place in Cambridge and is expanding to other towns and cities this summer – including Oxford this week.

In June, ofo released its ‘UK Charter’, outlining what it called its ‘on-going commitment to service management, responsible growth, and improving the UK’s transport infrastructure’.

A representative from the company commented that it hopes the charter will serve as a call to action for all current and future bike sharing operators to uphold high standards of service at all times. The charter details safety specifications, community principles, responsible business practices and general service guidance.

This week, ofo will showcase its upgraded bike fleet at a community event in Cambridge. The new bikes come with a front basket, dynamo lights and solar-powered back lights.

ofo UK operations director Joseph Seal-Driver said: “We are delighted to become the first station-free bike platform to achieve Bikeplus accreditation. In a fast-growing sector, accreditation is a crucial way to give customers and local authorities the confidence that the highest industry standards will be upheld at all times. We are proud to be leading the way.”

Director of Bikeplus Antonia Roberts added: “We are pleased to award ofo Provisional Bikeplus Accreditation status. It is important during this time of rapid growth within the sector that there is a mechanism for maintaining high standards. ofo have engaged with Bikeplus and demonstrate a positive approach to ensuring the needs of the customer and local authorities are met. We wish them success in their new operations.”

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