oBike goes e-bike

Dockless firm oBike today announced the launch of the EVSBike, a power-assisted e-bike, which will be available for purchase.

The EVSBike is now available for pre-sale at early bird prices until May 30, 2018.

Boosted by hydraulic technology, the will be equipped with GPS capabilities such as a cruising function that tracks the bike’s movements in real time. This gives the bikes an anti-theft function, full data-tracking, and location tracking with a higher degree of accuracy, making it convenient for navigation.

The EVSBike is power-assisted by a 22,400mAh battery that can sustain up to 15km of cycling and charge a phone approximately six to nine times, depending on the model.

Co-founder and chief marketing officer of oBike Edward Chen said: “oBike is committed to making cities smarter, greener and eco-friendlier through transforming the way people commute. It was a natural progression when we were planning oBike’s product solution offering, as we believe the introduction of the EVSBike will make cycling more popular than ever before.”

Chen added: “As a technology-driven start-up, we continuously strive towards our goal of providing a viable and eco-friendly alternative mode of transportation for our consumers, while supporting a modern city lifestyle that does not compromise on accessibility, comfort and convenience. We believe that the EVSBike is the next step into a new era of cycling innovation.”

Despite the perceived investment in e-bike technology, it is currently unclear if the bikes will have any impact on the company’s dockless bike share model. 

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