Hackney, London-based Nologo Bikes heads into UK and international bike shops

‘No fuss, no frills’ London fixie brand launches

An old Chinese restaurant in Hackney is an unlikely place from which to operate a bike business, but that hasn’t stopped single speed/fixed gear brand Nologo from doing exactly that.

The firm wholesales to shops around the UK and currently has three European distributors, all running from the aforementioned Chinese restaurant.

The brand features single speed/fixed gear flip flop with wider handle bars than a traditional fixie to widen their appeal. Built on a philosophy of being accessible, the bikes have a £270.00 price point and come in a range of colours.

‘No fuss, no frills’ Nologo is looking to relocate to cope with demand and even has an accessories range in the works.

One of the founders, Alex Lewis, spoke to BikeBiz: “About 18 months ago I wondered into a bike shop in Hackney that was still branded up as a Chinese restaurant. The Chinese owner had these really colourful fixed gear bikes that I go quite excited about, they cost about £250.

“They were called Teman and he has racing bikes under the same name. Being inclined to butt in where I’m not wanted I started suggesting that he changed the frame to aluminium and put an English name on them.

“Sam Gu owns the factory in China,” explained Lewis. “He runs the shop in Hackney so there are none of the traditional problems with quality checking.

“Nologo bikes are designed to be a colourful leg up into the world of fixed gear, or a second bike for those who don’t fancy taking their £1500 bespoke build around everywhere with them.”

Lewis added: “Go to London fields on a Saturday and they are everywhere!”


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