Two labels set their sights on developing cycle trade presence

New nutrition products: Elivar and Vita Coco

Looking for an alternative nutrition label for your stocks? Luckily there’s no shortage of labels targetting the cycling market, so let us introduce you to two label’s we’ve come across this month:


Tailored nutrition is nothing new, in fact just a few months ago 2pure took on OSMO, a label that differentiates its supplements for men and women.

Elivar’s unique selling point is age. Having launched in August 2013, the label’s product is tailored largely for over 35s, with special consideration for the blend of complex carbohydrates required to fuel the body during excercise.

A Prepare or Recover box, containing 12 servings, retails for £24.99. A 900 gram tub (13 servings) retails for £34.99. A weekend pack, holding four Endure and two Recover servings, is available for £9.99. Other packages are available and flavours include chocolate, watermelon, strawberry, orange and mango. Many of the blends contain additional vitamins and minerals, such as B6 and B12 to boost the immune system, as well as calcium and vitamin D. The label also boasts to include substantially more protein than competitors in its recovery mix.

Elivar is distributed by Worldwide brands, who are contactable on +44 (0)1993 700 792.

Vita Coco

With a big marketing campaign having just begun, Vita Coco is bound to have popped up on one of your social feeds by now.

Based solely around natural coconut water, known for its hydrating properties, the blend is loaded with naturally occuring electrolytes and potassium, turning its back on artificial colourings, flavourings and sweetners.

Delivered in a screw capped carton, there are a variety of flavours, including an alternative to your morning espresso in the form of a Cafe Latte and Cafe Mocha mix, retailing at £1.99. Other flavours include pure coconut water, pinapple, orange, acai and pomegranate, as well as peach and mango. These retail from £1.49.

Coconut water is currently the fastest growing category in the soft drinks and chilled juice category, according to the label, which says its own growth having hit 111 per cent in 2013 over the prior year.

Four packs are available from £4.99 and one litre cartons at £3.49.

Vita Coco can be contacted here.

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