Industry veteran Krien Dawson launches new accessories company

New company wants us to Bike More

With the help of Ideation Industrial of Taiwan, industry veteran Krien Dawson has created his own accessories brand, Bikemore. This consists of brightly-coloured saddles, bells, grips, rotors and pedals. Dawson has been in the bike industry for 16 years. He was formally a product manager at Madison then moved to France to work with Vario before taking control of Mountain Cycle’s European operation. He relocated to the UK to work for Hotlines but has since moved back to France ("for the quality of life," he said, "and my daughter is happy at school there,") and created the Bikemore brand from his home near Grenoble. Bikemore is his first start-up business.

All Bikemore products are made by Ideation to Dawson’s designs. Dawson owns 100 percent of the company. 

"The most important step between factory and the consumer is the retail environment," said Dawson.

"We have to help shops to sell more product and provide something unique to their customers, the bums-on-bikes cyclists I am hoping will, if you like, bike more."

The Bikemore products are functional, but many are striking to look at, including a minimalist plastic saddle punched with holes.

"These kind of saddles used to be gimmicks. They can now be made to be comfortable, especially if you’re wearing a good pair of shorts. The saddle looks extreme but the Bikemore range isn’t for the ‘cycle fetishist.’ I don’t want to fall into the style over substance mindset of random generic product with a pretty sticker.

"Instead, I’m hoping to position the brand in the middle ground, tailored towards the needs of non-cycling-cyclists but also appealing to the experienced – and valuable – enthusiast customer."

Most of the brand’s products will be launched at next year’s Taiwan show but some will be available this autumn.

"Once the range is complete it will be a collection of products not entirely like anything shops have seen before, with a few quirky products that will, hopefully, turn heads," said Dawson.

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