New brand ProCycleCare launches

A new brand in bicycle care, ProCycleCare, has launched.

“With over 20 years of experience gained in all aspects of the cycling trade, ProCycleCare is in an ideal position to launch an extensive range of products that all cyclists need,” said a statement.

“All ProCycleCare products are designed and formulated to meet and exceed every cyclists’ requirements. Our products combine professional-grade ingredients and materials giving expert results and care to every cyclist.

“All products are tested against the other brand leading products and it’s not until we are completely satisfied that the product goes into production. We have, within the range, biodegradable products and the company’s aim is to have all products biodegradable by the end of 2020.”

With the environment in mind, many hours have been spent developing the ‘perfect’ Bike Cleaner Concentrate, 1ltr of Concentrate makes 5ltr of normal bike cleaner. The Bike Cleaner Concentrate is available in 1ltr, 5ltr and 10ltr.

It has also developed money-saving products, with some Stage 1 products being made available in 5ltr and 10ltr quantities. All products are manufactured in the UK and only use the highest quality ingredients. ProCycleCare pushes the concept that bike care is a 3 Stage process.

Stage 1 – Cleaners: Pro Bike Cleaner, Pro Bike Cleaner Concentrate, Pro Citrus Degreaser, Pro Drivetrain Degreaser, Pro Brake Clean, Pro Citrus Degreaser, Pro High Pressure Citrus Degreaser and Pro High Pressure Brake Cleaner.

Stage 2 – Protection: Pro PTFE All Purpose Spray, Pro Bike Polish and Protector and Pro Advance Polish.

Stage 3 – Lubricants: Pro Synthetic Wet Lubricant, Pro PTFE All Weather Lubricant, Pro PTFE Dry Lubricant and Pro PTFE Chain Lubricant.

“Cycling is in our blood, whether it’s a quick ride out with the kids, the long road miles or even the dirty off-road rides we love cycling, we love bikes! We are passionate about looking after our pride and joy,” said the statement.

“We want our bikes to look good, perform well and last a lifetime, so with all of these aspects in mind, we have developed our products. We understand that your bike is an important part of your life – you need to look after it – so use the best!”

As it is a new brand, it is on the lookout for wholesale partners. For more information please visit the website or email

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