LQD Spray launches new sports retail website

LQD Spray has launched an all-new sports-focused retail website, following feedback from its health care and retail customers.

“Our content is now more customer-friendly and avoids any unnecessary or confusing clinical jargon,” said a statement. “We will be adding fresh content on a regular basis, offering advice, tips and tricks on minimising wound recovery time for all levels of athletes! Of course, we have also made it even easier to buy LQD Spray!

“All this will help avoid confusion with the successful work our fantastic health care team are doing within their industry.”

LQD Spray is a natural product, free from additives and preservatives and is a simple to use spray-on dressing for chronic external wounds, acute injury and superficial burns, especially on areas where traditional dressings won’t stay in place.

Containing a natural biopolymer, Chitosan – FH02 , LQD Spray conforms ‘perfectly’ to the wound bed and forms a semi-permeable membrane (protective layer) within just two minutes, sealing and protecting the injury.

The natural ingredient Chitosan – FH02  is a haemostat (helps in natural blood clotting) as well as being an effective anti-microbial agent, and aiding pain relief.


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