The Road Cyclist's Companion is by Peter Drinkell & published by Cicada Books. Review by Josh Reid.

New book: The Road Cyclist’s Companion

Peter Drinkell’s "The Road Cyclist’s Companion" is a book on the "unwritten rules of cycling," from the length and colour of socks to the art of riding in a group. The book gives both the novice and the experienced rider tips and advice to improve riding stykle. There’s info on bike fit and drafting techniques. "The Road Cyclist’s Companion is an essential book for anyone looking to step up their cycling ambitions," says the blurb.

The book has certain similarities to the internet-famous ‘Velominati Rules’.

Drinkell has also co-authored books such as ‘The Bike-Owner’s Handbook’ and authored ‘Le guide d’entretien de mon vélo’.

Cicada specialises in high-end art and design books. 


The Road Cyclist’s Companion
Peter Drinkell
ISBN: 978-1-908714-12-1
Price: £14.95 / $24.95
21 x 14cm / 144pp

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