UK and Ireland to be served by electric bike distributor

FreeGo Whisper ink deal to distribute Solex e-bikes

Electric bike specialist distributor FreeGo Wisper has signed a deal with Easybike france which sees the firm become the exclusive supplier for Solex in the UK and Ireland.

Originally a petrol driven machine, Solex was launched in France in 1946, when after the Second World War an inexpensive but reliable means of transport was in need to help rebuild the country. 

The petrol driven Solex bicycle reached Iconic status in the 1960s, occasionally selling more than 1500 a day! Such was the demand that BP specially produced a ready mixed two-stroke fuel Solexine.

The modern business is based around electrically powered bicycles, with the first electric model launched in 2005 with the help of Ferrari design house Pininfarina.

FreeGo Wisper will now carry the range of 20 and 26-inch wheeled e-bikes.

The complete Solex range will be available to view and test ride at the Cycle Show NEC Birmingham, 25th to 28th September.

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