The adapter will allow any style of motor to fit one base design

Muff designs out e-bike OEM headache with Mid-motor adapter

Set for a Eurobike debut, cycling product designer Andy Muff has created an adapter that will, in theory, allow e-bike manufacturers to work from a simplified selection of frames that will then accomodate any shape of drive system.

According to the designer, his bracket will offer "a solution to customize the different gearbox cases for one and the same transmission cradle on different frames, which eliminates or reduces the problem mentioned above drastically. This way, it will be possible for OEMs to offer a bigger selection of bottom center positioned gearbox cases and to reduce drastically the logistic/warehousing, and on the same time the lead time. Consumers who would like a new system after a couple of years can change it without being obliged to buy a new bike."

Check out the ISA design in the flesh at Eurobike on booth A2-403.

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