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Muc-Off launches Hydrodynamic Lube

Muc-Off has launched a new chain lube, designed to lubricate chains over long distances and during the harshest weather conditions.

The Muc-Off research team cultivated Hydrodynamic with Team Sky and used it last year at Le Tour.

According to the brand, it is 27 per cent more efficient compared to leading competitiors, works in all weather conditions and contains UV Dye.

Team Sky requested the fastest and most efficient lubes, but with advantages that were quantifiable. In response Muc-Off designed and built a Chain Lube Optimisation Dyno (aka C.L.O.D) that could provide quantifiable data, a world first for a bicycle chain lube manufacturer.

“We can now test and analyse all bike lubricants in micro detail, giving us an advantage over all our competitors in formulation development," said Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off MD and star of those Santander ads.

”After over 15 formulas and hundreds of hours of lab and real world testing, we arrived at our newest breakthrough – ‘Hydrodynamic’. We can now prove with cold hard data that we are leading the way in bicycle lubricant development.

"It’s the first lube we know of with meaningful data behind it that proves it’s performance and low friction co-efficient in numbers.”

Hand blended in the UK, its what Muc-Off describes as a synergistic blend of esters coupled with aerospace quality based oil lubrication, packed with ground-breaking extreme pressure additives. All this means it’s possible to create a high strength film forming lubricant, which prevents metal-to-metal contact to ensure peak performance, even under the most extreme workloads that a pro peloton can throw at it.

Gary Blem, head mechanic for Team Sky, said: “From day one Team Sky and Muc-Off challenged themselves to design the worlds most durable and efficient lubricant in the peloton. Hours of vigorous testing has brought us to this stage, it’s great to see this project come to fruition.”

Alex Trimnell added: “We have always invested in innovation, we pride ourselves on our material compatibility testing and the unique cleaning tests and technologies we have brought into the market. It’s always frustrated us that we couldn’t give race teams data for lubes, they had to take our word for it that it was good and we had to rely on field testing.

"Now we can combine the two which takes all of the guess work out of chain lube efficiency. We are very proud of this product as it raises the bar on performance and signifies the start of a very exciting new direction for bicycle chain lube development where there are lots of performance gains to be made.”

Muc-Off recently revealed it was going exclusive with Fisher Outdoor Leisure.

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