Adam Chambers, the TSO who penned the two Sales of Goods Act articles on, is seeking a position in the British bicycle trade. A case of poacher turned game-keeper?

MTB-mad TSO seeks bike trade job

Chambers wrote these two consumer-facing articles:

He’s a Trading Standards Officer based in the south east of England and, in his own words, has five years experience of "advising and enforcing civil and criminal law relating to consumer protection, product safety, credit, trade mark

enforcement, holiday law and much more."

So, if any bicycle business could do with an in-house legal eagle, Chambers is yer man.

He says he has "extensive knowledge of cycle products as well as cycling strategies and national performance plans."

He’s an MTB racer and competes in 24-hour solo events.

Following his consumer-facing articles on singletrackworld, he’s open to suggestions for trade-only articles on this site.


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