The promotion is open to Schwinn and Haro dealers and needs to be signed up for promptly. PLUS: Interbike's website is now accepting registrations.

Moore Large’s 2003 incentive trip is to Interbike, Las Vegas

Nigel Moore, MD of Moore Large has written to Schwinn and Haro dealers offering them "an incentive trip of a lifetime."

He said: "We cannot promise success at the tables, I can however promise you an unforgettable experience."

As well as product presentations from Schwinn and Haro there will be a talk from a US IBD "to illustrate to us how their market works and see what lessons can be learnt," said Moore.

"The great thing about this trip is that we are not asking for a huge commitment of stock up front, only confirmation of your inclusion and an opening order of 15 mixed units."

To qualify for a free ticket IBDs need to purchase 125 mixed Schwinn and Haro units between 1st June and 31st August. Those who fall short of the 125 target can make up the difference in cash.

Tel: 01332 274200


20 000 industry folk are expected to attend Interbike ’03.

The online registration feature is open to exhibitors, retailers, distributors, importers/exporters, and, in what is often seen as a contradiction in terms, working media.…/press.jsp

Those submitting registration forms before August 29th, receive show credentials and expo information prior to the show, a time saver.

"With everyone’s time at a premium, the online service provides a one-stop spot for everything Interbike related," said Lance Camisasca, Interbike Trade Show Director.

"Beyond registering to attend the expo itself, visitors can book discounted hotel reservations and air travel through Interbike¹s Travel Desk, reserve seats for the Industry Awards Dinner, or check out the virtual floorplan."…/2374-03.html

OutDoor Demo,

Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, Nevada

October 10-11th

Interbike, Las Vegas

October 10-14th

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