Charlotte Atkins MP, the new parliamentary under-secretary for state, with responsibility for aviation, cycling and other areas of transport, praised the Bike Hub levy scheme at today's opening of Cycle 2004. "That took guts," she said. But she wasn't so happy with the companies who have chosen not to be part of the market-boosting, cycle-promoting Bike Hub levy scheme.

‘Minister for cycling’ slams Bike Hub refuseniks

"I want to congratulate the cycle industry on its far-sighted Bike Hub levy on sales and on the initiatives, which it has been able to fund as a result," said Ms Atkins, MP for Staffordshire Moorlands.

"It is certainly to be congratulated for sticking its neck out. That took guts and real vision. It has taken considerable vision to reinvest profits in the future of cycling and I hope that the whole industry will support the industry levy."

Atkins was appointed on 9th September and was shocked to be told there were major players not contributing to the levy scheme.

She officially opened Cycle 2004 and, in front of an assembled throng of journalists, civil servants, VIPs and gawpers, she said:

"I gather that a few significant industry players are not contributing to the levy as yet. I hope that they will now join as they can see for themselves the work being done."

The biggest refusenik is the Tandem Group, owner of the Dawes and Falcon brands.

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