Far from being a "crock of sh**e", the doping allegations levelled at David Millar were true. Dramatically, his lawyer has tonight told journalists the rider admits to using EPO in 2001 and 2003. The admission will cost Millar his reputation, his job with Cofidis, and his Olympic place.

Millar admits to blood boosting, says his lawyer

According to the AP newswire, Cofidis rider David Millar had a meeting with judge Richard Pallain in Nanterre, France on Thursday that was charged with "emotion."

Pallain is the head of the investigation into doping allegations lodged against many members of the Cofidis team.

Millar was questioned by police for 48 hours last week after being arrested in a restaurant in his adopted home town of Biarritz. It was alleged police found two empty phials of Eprex, a brand of EPO, in Millar’s flat.

Tonight, Paul-Albert Iweins, Millar’s lawyer, said:

"[Millar] spoke of his own doping and he did not point the finger at any other person implicated in this case…He said that he took three courses of EPO, one week each, during 2001 and 2003."

Because of the police investigation Millar was suspended from this year’s Tour de France, but there had been hope – especially in the British road bike press – that Pallain would clear Millar, allowing him to start the Prologue in Belgium on Saturday.

Millar’s career now lies in ruins. The UCI considers an admission of former drug use equal to a postive dope test.

No news or explanation has yet to appear on Millar’s website, http://www.itsmillartime.com

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