Yesterday’s tube strike in London prompted a "massive surge in cycling," said the London Cycling Campaign. An LCC count in Islington indicated that the number of cyclists had doubled. Last year's introduction of the congestion charge also saw a jump in the number of Londoners cycling. To help the increasing number of newbies, LCC has produced 12 free 'new to cycling?' booklets.

LCC produces ‘how to’ booklets for new cyclists

The twelve booklets are:

Bicycle Security – lock it or lose it!, Transporting Your Bicycle, Cycling with Children, Cycling – what to do if you are involved in a collision, Getting started on a bike, Buying a Bike, Cycle Sense, Cycling to Work, Cycling and the Workplace – an employers guide, Cycle Parking in the home, workplace and city, Cycle Maintenance and Leisure Cycling.

Tom Bogdanowicz, LCC’s campaigns manager said:

“These booklets provide clear and useful information on some of the most important aspects of cycling. They will prove invaluable to every cyclist in London.”

The new booklets will be distributed to public libraries, bike shops and handed out by LCC volunteers at public events. They are also downloadable from

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