At long last, the website of Britain's biggest-selling bike mag is getting regular content placed on its website. For way too long it has existed as not much more than a lively bulletin board with minimal editorial input. The 'third-time lucky' site went live yesterday afternoon. is beefed up for re-launch

"It’s now impossible to think of a magazine that doesn’t have a website as an essential part of its offer," admits MBUK publisher Peter Stothard.

"And with 98 percent of our readers online, according to our 2003 reader survey, the demand was certainly out there for us to do a site that really lived up to the MBUK

brand. It’s a great opportunity for us to promote MBUK and our partners."

The Future-owned site has languished in low-content limbo-land for some time but now, in its third incarnation, will get fresh news and reviews from in-house staffers and the editorial overview will be provided overseen MBUK’s co-founder and editor, Tym Manley.

"We’ll work hard at keeping the site fresh, inventive and moving on," said Manley.

As well as an archive of recent bike tests and product reviews, there’s advice on riding and maintenance and a calendar of riding and sporting events.

"There are plenty of opportunities for readers and users of MBUK to make the site their own," said Stothard.

"The new ‘troll-free’ forums are taking on a life of their own, and users can add their own links, advertise their bikes and bits for free and send in videos and pictures."

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