Profitable Mavic brand is for sale. No offers received to date.

Mavic for sale: what’s really happening

The rumours circulating the web that Mavic is up for sale have been confirmed to BikeBiz today.

In an earlier conversation, Alex Coventry of Mavic told BikeBiz: "Yes, Mavic is for sale, although this is not our corporate owner, Amer Sport’s sole intention and a sale is not the only option on the table.

"As a result of the poorly performing economy, some of the larger brands under the Amer umbrella have not performed as anticipated in the past year and one of the solutions to ensure the stability of brands such as Wilson, is to sell the profitable Mavic business.

"The reason behind choosing Mavic for sale as part of the recapitalisation strategy, is that Mavic, although profitable, doesn’t integrate into the Amer Sports and Salomon supply chains as simply as the other sporting brands do."

Coventry also confirmed to BikeBiz that no offers have been received to date.

"I do not foresee a quick sale. This will be a strategic change, which will not affect Mavic as a brand in the slightest. The only change, should a sale happen, will be the appearence of Mavic’s own name, as opposed to our parent company’s name, Salomon Sport, on invoices. Mavic will become a company in its own right. Our distribution model will not change."

Amer Sport, which is the world’s largest sports equipment manufacturer, is listed on the Helsinki stock exchange.

The UK trade only contact for Mavic remains 01276 404870.

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