Manitou releases Mastodon Pro LTD Northwoods Edition

Manitou has released a limited-edition Mastodon Pro – the Northwoods Edition.

The Northwoods Edition shares the same technology as the standard Mastodon Pro EXT 120mm. “This gives you both high-speed and low-speed compression damping adjustments from our trusted MC² damper, low-speed rebound adjustment via our TPC half-cartridge damper, ultimate sensitivity through our Dorado Air Spring, and easy volume adjusting with IVA (incremental Volume Adjuster),” said a statement.

“Like all Mastodon forks, the Northwoods Edition delivers all-temperature performance, working equally well in winter and summer. Being the EXT version, this fork will fit tyre sizes up to 26 x 5.15in or 27.5 x 4.5in.

“The 34mm chassis makes the Mastodon the stiffest fat bike fork on the market and provides incredibly precise steering and control.”

The Northwoods Edition will be available in limited quantities of 100 in North America and 50 in Europe.

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