Bryton Rider 420 now available

The new Bryton Rider 420 has been released.

It has 77 functions, 35 hours of battery life, full GNSS support, turn by turn navigation, ANT and Bluetooth compatibility as well as many more features.

“The Rider 420 is designed to improve each and every ride providing timely and accurate data without distracting from the enjoyment of the ride,” said a statement. “Built with a 2.3in high quality optically bonded black and white display, the Rider 420’s screen is crystal-clear from any angle in both glaring sun and rain.

“Once the 420 is paired with Bryton Active App, data fields can be customised based on the rider’s goals and display preferences via Bluetooth on your phone, and it’s super easy to use.

“With built-in turn-by-turn navigation exploring new roads is now easier than ever, and with Full Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) support, the Rider 420 now has an even faster satellite fix and guarantees more precise positioning and recording. It also provides excellent compatibility by working perfectly with both ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors.

“The Rider 420 provides plenty of usable data to help analyse the performance of each ride. With 77 functions including Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Cadence, Altitude, Power and HR there is plenty of data to help breakdown each and every training session.

“If you are worried about missing important phone calls, emails or texts during rides then the Rider 420 will send push notifications whenever phone calls, emails or text messages are received. Just pair your Android or iOS smartphone with the Bryton Active App to set it up.”

Rider 420E (Unit Only) – £109.99 SRP
Rider 420T – (Includes Heart Rate monitor and cadence sensor) – £164.99 SRP

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