Tell us it's not true! What are IBDs thinking of, this is the biggest thing ever for cycling. Why aren't they getting involved?

Majority of IBDs doing nothing for Year of Cycling?

This June sees the biggest celebration of cycling ever to come to Britain yet nine out of 10 retailers quizzed at yesterday’s show hadn’t even considered how to cash in. Even worse, some didn’t know it was happening.

"Any dealer who dismisses the Millennium Festival of Cycling will miss out on the sales opportunity of a lifetime," said festival co-ordinator Conrad Haigh.

"I believe a million people will get on their bikes. Many of them won1t be regular cyclists, but completely new to the market."

"Any dealer who1s not involved will kick themselves."

IBDs can easily link into one of the festival events scheduled for the week (17-25 June) or devise their own. The CTC will provide publicity and advice on how to join their Dr Bike Day on Monday 19. With so many cycles expected to come out of the shed, the plan is to entice customers to their local IBD by offering a health check.

"If you dress up in white coats and stethascopes, you’ve got the perfect photo opportunity for your local paper," says Haigh.

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