Leisure Expo Ltd, organisers of the Cycle & Leisure Show, is launching a sister show to run alongside this show next March. Both shows are planned for the NEC.

Hyde to launch outdoor show

Organiser David Hyde believes his idea has legs because of the existing and further potential crossover between cycling and the great outdoors.

Bike shops, he said, could diversify into outdoorsy products:

"There has been a considerable increase of leisure style products within the cycle chow, particularly in outdoor clothing and sportswear, and this reflects the increasing range of products being sold by the cycle retail sector. Cycling is a major part of the leisure scene and when consumers walk into a cycle shop they1re just as likely to purchace a new fleece jacket as a cycle. The new show is a natural progression allowing existing visitors to source new products, and opening up new markets to our exhibitors."

While both shows will have separate entrances, there will be a number of joint features including the fashion show and new products feature which would link the two exhibitions. Companies will have the choice of which of the two shows they participate in, depending on their main product profile.

Were it to go ahead, the new exhibition called Alfresco would have a product profile based more on outdoor leisure products and will include: adventure travel gear; back packing and camping; clothing and climate control products; food and drink outdoors; health and fitness; ice climb and ski; tents and camping furniture and accessories; the mountain scene.

Before proceeding with the launch, Leisure Expo sought the opinion of the Association of Cycle Traders). David Wilsher, president of the ACT, is up for the new show:

"The two shows will provide our retail trade with new opportunities. Cycle outlets need to diversify to increase turnover and compete effectively with the multiples. Cycle shops already provide consumers with unrivalled specialist knowledge and product service. By increasing leisure sales we open up our shops to a wider consumer base and more profit. The new developments go hand in hand with our current training initiative, which provides retailers with one of the finest marketing and sales courses available. We are determined to ensure that independent cycle retailers will maintain and strengthen their position in the high streets of Britain."

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