Maiporter Z130 launches on Kickstarter

The Maiporter Z130 bike trailer, designed for “urban everyday use with your e-bike”, has been launched on Kickstarter.

The team said: “You can tow the trailer with a normal bike as well, of course, but it is designed as permanent companion for your e-bike in town.

“Your e-bike runs with the trailer almost as easy as without due to its power reserves and because of its comfortable storage area, its stylish looks and its smooth running characteristics you will never want to miss it.”

The bike trailer has a “secure and comfortable” anti-theft system, with the locking mechanism located inside the box, and at the stage of mass production each frame will be embossed with a unique ID number.

It is also equipped with Schwalbe balloon tyres and two rear lights, which are powered externally from inside the box by a mobile power bank.

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