CREE LEDs will provide rear and side illumination, triggered by wireless g-force sensors

Lumicycle reveals InSight ‘brake light’ for bicycles

Lumicycle has come up with a wireless ‘brake light’, dubbed the ‘InSight’, that activates automatically when on board sensors detect the g-forces generated by braking.

With government figures suggesting that 25 per cent of accidents between motorised vehicles and cyclists involve a shunt from the rear, the manufacturer decided the time was right to introduce a brake light. 80 per cent of all accidents occur during daylight hours, another reason why the UK manufacturer felt the time was right for the InSight.

Martin Montague, Lumicycle CEO, commented: “With the majority of accidents involving cyclists occurring during the day, it’s clear conventional lights didn’t offer a solution. Our new super-bright InSight features technology that we believe will help drastically reduce the number of accidents both at night and, crucially, during the day. That this product is entirely designed and manufactured in the UK – as with all our products – is something we’re immensely proud of.”

Continuing, Montague said: “Pre-orders have been streaming in since the product was announced at the London Bike Show, and we’ve already had to begin scaling-up our production plans as a result.”

The new Lumicycle Insight will celebrate its official launch in May 2014, and is expected to retail at around £80.

Lumicycle InSight Lights are constructed from rugged aluminium, incorporate precision optics and are powered by internal single rechargeable Samsung lithium ion battery cells that provide exceptionally long run times. The lights accept charging inputs from a mains charger, 12V vehicle adaptor, or USB output and can also be powered and charged by all Lumicycle Lithium Ion external battery packs.

More information about the Insight and the full Lumicycle range of products can be found on the website or by calling 0870-757-2229.


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