Stock of chain cleaning product now with wholesaler

Greyville signs Kettenmax distribution

Greyville has added Austrian chain cleaner label Kettenmax to its portfolio.

Designed as a “closed system”, with Kettenmax there is apparently no pollution and consumption of cleaner and lubricant is greatly reduced.

The basic feature of the Kettenmax Chain Cleaner is a brush-filled box that clamps around the chain. A unique securing system enables correct positioning of the box to any size/model of bike.

Cleaning fluid is introduced into the box which cleans the chain as the rear wheel is rotated. The brushes provide the agitation required to remove grit and dirt from the chain and dirty fluid exits from the box and into a waste bag. This can be easily removed and disposed off in an environmentally friendly manner.

Finally lubricant can be introduced into the box and rotating the rear wheel lubricates the entire drive system. The system retails for £39.95.

For more information check out Greyville’s website, call the office on 01543 251328, or contact your local sales rep.

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