Andreas Kambanis of the London Cyclist blog is to publish a book on cycling in London. It will include info on bike shops.

London Cyclist Handbook to be launched by London Cyclist blog

Andreas Kambanis of the London Cyclist blog is to produce the London Cyclist Handbook.

Kambanis and his blog are not connected with the London Cycling Campaign.

"The London Cyclist Handbook is exactly what I wished I had available to me back when I first started cycling in London," said Kambanis.

The Handbook will cover the basics such as finding the perfect bike, keeping it out of the hands of thieves and staying safe. There will also be info on the best bike shops, events, cafes and enjoyable routes through the capital.

"We’ve got a ton more in there such as interviews with some really interesting people but I really don’t want to give everything away yet," said Kambanis.

"Initially we’ll be launching as an eBook and on the Kindle and iPad."

The London Cyclist Handbook will be illustrated by Jack Noel.

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