London Bike Kitchen faces eviction

Hackney-based DIY cycle workshop and teaching space the London Bike Kitchen has officially confirmed the notice of its eviction.

The company, which operates from a workspace in Whitmore Road, Hackney, was informed of its potential eviction from the property last year, with property development cited as the core contributing factor in the decision. 

The shop has built a reputation for its diverse and busy schedule of events and DIY workshop classes covering subjects such as wheel building and touring maintenance. 

It also found success with the creation of its Women and Gender Variant (or WAG) nights, which the brand’s website describes as covering "maintenance topics like adjusting brakes and how to fix a puncture, or riding topics like assertive cycling and fitting your bike to your body. Sometimes we show films, other times we just have a chat over tea or beer."

The company is now searching for a new residence, with the intention of staying in the capital. An open letter penned by owner Jenni Gwiazdowski said: "We’ll be hunting for a new space and we need your help! We are looking for the following: about 50 square meters (or bigger), cost around £8,000-£10,000 per year, somewhere in North or East (or North East) London, and will be available in 2019. Leads so far have been a dead end, but we have faith that something will turn up.

"Also open to other wacky ideas, such as a double-decker bus (but where will we park it?) or a barge (ex-boaters on our staff say no), or collaborating with another business (no oil companies pls)."

The official notice of eviction cites the date of 31st January 2020 as the London Bike Kitchen’s last day in its current residence. 

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